Girls’ (Satur)Day Out


Yesterday, I hung out with a friend and we finally got to try out the new Japanese restaurant in Pavillion called Izakaya Aka Chochin. Been wanting to try since I first spotted it a few weeks ago! So this post is mostly about what we had at Izakaya and other cafes we dropped by lol.

Jyan~~ Le me at Izakaya~! (*°▽°*)♪

Forehead so long not sure ‘cuz of lens distortion or what…

Le me @Izakaya Aka Chochin

Only recently I’ve been introduced to the concept on Izakaya, which is known to be a place where Japanese hold nomikai or drinking party. I actually have my first experience dining in an Izakaya right beside Shibuya 109 in Tokyo which I had drafted a post on but yet to be published. Dragged for so long ‘cuz my schedule’s been occupied again.

That’s what happen when you try to balance work with studies and so blogging and other hobbies comes in last… ( T____T )

That aside, sharing some photos we took yesterday~

@Izakaya Aka Chochin

Hotate Yakitori~

Yaki Hotate @Izakaya Aka Chochin

Unagi Kabayaki (if I’m not mistaken)

Unagi Kabayaki @Izakaya Aka Chochin

Sashimi platter~ Can you spot the bunny?

Sashimi Platter @Izakaya Aka Chochin

Egg souffle~ We thought it is the size of the usual chawan mushi but it turned up in a huge bowl of super succulent souffle~ yum yum!

Egg Souffle @Izakaya Aka Chochin

Then fluffy cheese okonomiyaki. Not the best I’ve tried but it was still good.

Cheese Okonomiyaki @Izakaya Aka Chochin

We wanted to order idako for appetizer but overlooked when ordering but then the food turned out to be wayy too much for us both. After spending hours trying to finish out meal and chatting at the same time, we went window shopping for a bit before heading to Komugi at Tokyo Street upstairs.

I like Komugi’s pastries but never dined in the cafe before (OへO)


Had their flavored latte in hazelnut and it was really yummy. Plus it came with an uber cute Hello Kitty coffee art~!

Hazelnut Latte @Komugi

Also ordered matcha parfait. There’s ALWAYS space for more desserts!

Matcha Parfait @Komugi

Nadia ordered this Chocolate Monkey which is actually chocolate banana lolol. Such a befitting name!

Chocolate Monkey @Komugi


More shopping afterwards because Nadia needed to get some clothes for some occasions~ So while she does the changing and catwalk, I snap some photos from the boutique, occasionally took some pics of her modeling the clothes too hahahaha

Chandeliar lamp

Pretty pretty, blingy tiles~



After all that, more drinks. I cannot believe how much sugar I consumed yesterday… Today trying to detox by drinking loads of water ‘cuz I felt a bit guilty wth

This is what I had_Loaf Mocktail from The Loaf~

Loaf Mocktail @The Loaf

And carrot cake~

The Loaf Carrot Cake

Between all the shopping and chatting, the heels of my favorite wedges I was wearing came off いやだ! ( T a T ”||) and had to get another.. Not sure if it’s a blessing in disguise or what but I finally get to buy this moca color heels I’ve been eyeing a while…

And bought another pvc-style one from Jelly Bunny because the other day I waded through streams of water (ankle high even with heels) in my work shoes when it rained heavily the other day fml.

Shoesss~~ Jelly Bunny bow flats and Vincci moca color heels

I was worried because I have bought many work flats that didn’t survived through the rain and lasted like less than a month from being over-worn. What’s more flats are my least favorite item to splurge on urggghhh

A friendly girl who was paying at the counter assured me hers lasted for 2 years and that I would be back for more. When I posted on my fb, another told me Jelly Bunny’s really worth it. The brand’s seems to have lotsa strong supporters.

Jelly Bunny Review

Strutting off nau, chao ( Ov< )~❤


For Beautiful Tresses: VS Sassoon & Loreal Hair Products Review


Today’s reviews are on conditioners and hair mask \(^o^ /)

If you’ve seen photos I’ve posted on my blog/Facebook/Instagram, you may have noticed my signature messy hair. I wash my hair everyday and usually condition for 1-2 times a week, given if I didn’t forget/get lazy. This didn’t help much in taming my unruly mane. When I was working part time, my GBF would always make remarks about it but only recent months I have found the secret to manageably smooth hair.

My friends were discussing about hair care and when I told them about my twice-a-week-5-minutes-leave-on conditioning that didn’t help, they suggested daily hair conditioning for 1 minute.

That’s when I decided to pump up my hair care effort and stock up on more hair conditioners. As an extra exercise, together with my VS Sassoon (a.k.a. Vidal Sassoon) Hair Conditioner, I also bought the VS Sassoon Intensive Hair Mask.

VS Sassoon Hair Conditioner & VS Sassoon Intense Hair Mask

VS Sassoon Hair Conditioner & VS Sassoon Intense Hair Mask

Packaging-wise, they’re not the most stunning design.. For both conditioner and hair mask, the textures are silky smooth with light, with salon-ish fragrant.

VS Sassoon Hair Conditioner close up

I applied this after my usual shampooing then washing my face while I wait for the conditioner to sink in. My hair felt instantly smootherlighter and flowy. I can feel my hair bouncing lightly with every movement LOL (*≥▽≤*)

By day 3, it is manageably smoother and in the following weeks, straighter.

For once to twice a week, I whipped the hair mask onto my hair after the conditioning and leave it for a minute or so. The result is ultra smooth and light feeling that lasts up to 2 to 3 days max.

VS Sassoon Intense Hair Mask close up

The BIG question: Is it necessary to use a hair mask if the result’s pretty much similar?

Well, it isn’t exactly similar. From my homework, I found out that conditioner targets the surface of the hair while the hair masks acts as a deep conditioning, targeting the inner structure of the hair. In other words, adding hair mask to your hair care routine means giving your hair the goodness inside out. Conditioner is to be used first so as to allow the mask to be absorbed better.

Here’s the progression on how my hair improved in just 2 month’s into using VS Sassoon’s products. Photos taken from my Instagram because I’m too lazy to snap anew. Recent photo was just days ago btw.

Week 1, EWWWW_ 2 months later, YAYYY!!

2 months trial on VS Sassoon Hair Conditioner & VS Sassoon Intense Hair Mask

~ ♥ ~

Loreal Keratin Smooth 72Hours Hair Conditioner

Recently when my VS Sassoon hair conditioner ran out, I bought this new Loreal Keratin Smooth Hair Conditioner which I happen to spot on Facebook.

Stole this illustration from Loreal Paris Malaysia’s FB page. Love it lots!

Loreal Keratin Smooth Hair Conditioner

The bright and pretty packaging of this Loreal Keratin Smooth range stole my heart! Super love it!

So what exactly makes this conditioner different? Apparently hair losses Keratin with every wash so imagine how washing everyday can damage the hair structure! For that, Loreal Keratin Smooth Hair Conditioner comes with breakthrough Micro Keratin Technology, it claims to “fill in flaws and smooth each strands” with long lasting results up to 72 hours!

Loreal Keratin Smooth Hair Conditioner

This conditioner spreads easily onto the hair and gives off a very strong fruity scent that lingers for a few hours after bath. The scent reminded me that of Herbal Essence conditioner (another favorite conditioner for moisturizing hair), but much more strong-smelling.

Loreal Keratin Smooth Hair Conditioner close up

Since yesterday was my first trial using this conditioner, I can’t say exactly that my hair felt instantly smoother. One very noticeable result is they do felt stronger and more manageable. I notice too that my bangs stays in place longer unlike when using VS Sassoon, they tend to curl at the end of the day when my hair turn a tad greasy.

Perhaps this conditioner’s your choice for hair styling day (^▽^)



Today’s post is a quick compilation of my OOTD which I Instagram-ed recently. These days my shopping lists consist of mostly clothes I deem work-worthy ones since I spent more time in the office wth. So you’ll notice lots of work clothing in this post ranging from formal to smart casual to casual Friday’s.

First off, Padini peplum top, Bershka yellow cardigan and Nichii hi-lo skirt.

OOTD: Padini, Bershka, Nichii

Bershka checkered top, Uniqlo cardigan blazer and Kitschen skirt.

OOTD: Uniqlo, Bershka, Nichii

Nichii lace peplum top & royal blue skirt.

OOTD: All Nichii

Cotton On floral dress and Seed belt.

OOTD: Cotton On, Seed

On last weekend, Applemint’s lace sleeve detailed top.

OOTD: Applemint

Boutique peplum stripped top and matching Factorie stripped tote bag.

OOTD: Online boutique, Factorie

Lace detail orange dress from an online boutique and Seed belt.

OOTD: Online boutique, Padini, Seed

Oh, and a new addition on my Instagram today_Nichii detailed chiffon top with black skirt and Cotton On charity bracelets I super like. Just added this to my Instagram just nau (^o^ )♪

OOTD: Nichii, Cotton On

 That’s all~!

Yoyogi Park & Meiji Shrine


Summer in Japan: Yoyogi Park

Finally, catching up with blogging about Japan again. Past weeks have been about charging up, reading all the books I’ve procrastinating on and feeding my obsession for instagram LOL

Just a month ago I was in Japan and I’m missing being there already!

It was summer, so the perfect time for enjoying the sight of blooming hydrangaes. I love these cute pompom flowers! Initially, I wanted to visit Hakusan Jinja which is famed for accommodating thousands of hydrangaes bushes but my already-cramped schedule wouldn’t allow it..

Still, I didn’t know you can find them in Yoyogi Park as much as they’re a regular sight in Japan. Not as many but still take lotsa photos hahaha

Summer in Japan: Yoyogi Park's beautiful hydrangaes

More hydrangaes~~

Hydrangaes in Japan

This one was taken with my Samsung S5, can you believe how clear is it?! *Impressed*

Hydrangaes in Japan

Went to Yoyogi really early in the morning and had my simple breakie there which I bought from Lawson.

Summer in Japan: Breakfast at Yoyogi Park

Largest dorayaki I’ve ever had and had to skip lunch afterwards because I was so full WTH

Summer in Japan: Dorayaki for breakfast

Cream bun which is equally as fluffy and sweet as the dorayaki. This is the first time I’m glad I actually had bitter coffee to go with the buns ( =a= ;)あますぎる!

Summer in Japan: Cream puff for breakfast

After a short stroll around Yoyogi, I headed to Meiji Shrine, my now favorite place in Tokyo! I don’t know how to put it in words but it gives me a feeling of tranquility which I appreciate.

Summer in Japan: Meiji Jingu

The torii gate leading to the shrine, so huge!

Summer in Japan: Meiji Jingu's torii gate

Then barrels of sakes lined together on the way towards the shrine.

Summer in Japan: Meiji Jingu

Summer in Japan: Meiji Jingu

Went to pray and then explore the shrine area. At one corner, dozens of ema boards a.k.a. wishing boards decorates the booth. I bought one too for 500yen besides an omamori from the nearby booth.

Summer in Japan: Meiji Jingu

Someone’s got a very bold wish. Saw that and I was like, “Ohkayyy…”.

Summer in Japan: Meiji Jingu

When I showed my omamori to my colleague, she displayed her own collection kept inside her handbag. Apparently she collects LOTS of them. I read about omamori online so I was really curious and asked “Wouldn’t the deities fight among themselves??” and my friends went huh? ( =.=;) Not sure if its just me reading too much..

My first omamori~

Summer in Japan: My first omamori

Witness this wedding procession in the shrine area and the groom’s a gaijin! Silently pray they have a blissful marriage and at the same time wishing the same would happen for the couple whose been very welcoming as to let me stay with them when I was in Japan (Ov≤)-☆

Summer in Japan: Meiji Jingu

Just before I left, I went to check out Kiyomisa Well, one of Tokyo’s “power spot”. There’s a history behind the well and the shrine, for that check Google. I’m too lazy to narrate them here.

This is Kiyomisa well~ The water’s amazingly crystal clear and when I showed my sis she initially thought it was a dried up well ( =v=; ) Touched it and refreshingly cold!

I sort of believe the whole wish-granting power thingy and have the photos as the wallpaper on my phone hahaha

Summer in Japan: Kiyomasa Well

A teahouse along the journey.

Summer in Japan: Kiyomasa Well

By the time I left, I’ve have bags of omiyages from teas to keychains and Hello Kitty dolls (=v=)v

Summer in Japan: Hello Kitty Omiyage

Oh, and the drip coffee’s from Nagoya. I found a shop which sells coffee beans and lotsa coffee brands. Coffee haven indeed!!

Those small kimono print containers contain green tea and they’ve got a really distinctive taste to it (O▽O)b

Summer in Japan: Omiyage

The little pink packets are sakura tea. Yes, SAKURA TEA!!

Didn’t need to think twice to add them into my shopping basket LOL. The prettiest tea I’ve ever seen! Other photos are on my Instagram here and here.

Summer in Japan: Sakura Tea

Since we’re on the topic of omiyage, just sharing the rest I’ve got the entire trip from Japan~

Summer in Japan: Omiyage

Summer in Japan: Omiyage

Summer in Japan: Omiyage

That’s all for now~!

OOTDs & I’m on Instagram


Lazy to write since I got to prepare for test next week so instead I’m posting some OOTD pics today on some of the new addition to my wardrobe from last month. Been building up my dream wardrobe yay (*⌒∇⌒*)~❤

First one work OOTD in my favorite Uniqlo cardigan blazer. So comfyyy I’m in love with it!!

Work OOTD in my fav Uniqlo cardigan blazer and Floral Dress from Kitschen

And, oh spot my new baby? Finally gotten my smartphone (my first on my own!) and don’t need to carry the super bulky DSLR to camwhore hahaha

Another work OOTD with this lace-detail collar chiffon tunic top from Miia. Splurge on this in Japan at Shibuya 109.

Lace-detail collar chiffon tunic from Miia and skirt Nichii


Close up on collar details~!

Lace collar details close up

Cropped stripe top from Kitschen and white maxi from Mira Mew.

Cropped stripe top Cotton On and maxi skirt from Mira Mew

Uniqlo’s cardigan blazer, again over Visalia pastel floral top, also bought from Shibuya 109.

Pastel floral dress Visalia and cardigan blazer Uniqlo

Padini balloons printed top and high waisted pastel yellow skirt (from Japan, forgot the brand name).

Printed tee Padini (old) and high waisted pastel yellow skirt from Japan

I am on Instagram now! Also, if you missed it, I’m also on Facebook which I do update. Do follow me for updates (*°▽°*)v

I'm on instagram!

Chao for nau~!

my freshest memories of Japan

… is eating nigiri sushi at Tsukiji Market. Don’t mind my lame pun LOL

This is Tsukiji Market, well a part of it.


I didn’t make many food plans except wanting to eat fresh sushi at Tsukiji, dining at (any) Izakaya and eating ramen at Ichiran Ramen.

The rest of the meals for the 4 days? I was living off ice creams and drinking tons of soft drinks including two bottles of Calpis, good stuff (*´∀`*)

Then dinner at Ichiran Ramen in Shibuya didn’t quite work out though… I entered the building hoping to get to Ichiran Ramen which was supposedly be at the 8th floor but there was only up to 7th floor button option in the elevator? Might have been in the wrong building fml.

Anyway, this is the sushi shop I went~


Camwhoring Taking photos while waiting for my sushi to be served.


Someone tell me what is this? Is it uni?






My nigiri sushi set, served on banana leafヽ( ⌒o⌒ノ)~♪



More sushi added onto my ‘plate’ while I was eating happily.

The one on the far left is herring roe/kazunoko which my least favorite among them because it was so hard to chew…


Oh, the roe! I think it because they’re so fresh that’s why they tasted so different from the one I have here in Malaysia. This I can have more, so good!


Probably the best-est (pardon my English) part and my favorite now_ANAGO!ヽ(;▽;)ノ Had always though unagi is the best until I popped this one into my mouth. Okla, I still love you, unagi.



~ ♥ ~

When I told Danny and Naoko (friends whom I was staying with) that I was going to Tsukiji, they say this tamago is a must-try so I did.


So yummy I bought one packet of ebi flavored tamago to share with them( ⌒o⌒) ❤


We had it for dinner together~~


Our dinner which was prepared by Naoko in less than 5 minutes, I kid you not. Instant rice cooked in the microwave, topped with ready-to-eat baby anchovies and raw egg and we got one awesome don already #impressed

I was like, instant rice packets?! and Naoko went, do you want to take one back as souvenir? Sua pak kau me wth. The only instant rice I know you can buy here is nasi impit. Still need to boil to cook them so instant rice packets win.

And the egg!! Very bouncy and creamy I super love I can eat one everyday.


Side was also ready-packed mixed sashimi, vege and sauce.


Last food photo for today, the breakfast Naoko made for us on the day I arrived at Tokyo~ Got to try Japan hamburger (hidden underneath the egg lol). And yesss, egg again yayy (*°▽°*)v


Gochisousama deshita!

Summer 2014 in Japan: Tokyo Tower & Asakusa


Finally, blogging about Japan weee\(*⌒∇⌒*)/

If you’re following my blog you probably have heard me raving again and again about my-oh-dream-trip to Japan until you’re probably sick of it LOL. So yesss, I managed to cover the places I on my to-go list during my short stay there which include:

Nagoya Castle – Sakae – Shinjuku – Yurakucho – Odaiba – Yoyogi – Meiji Shrine – Harajuku – Shibuya – Tsukiji Market – Asakusa – Tokyo Tower

I spent like 3 days in Tokyo and it’s still too short because there are just so many places to see! All my friends were like, “You should stay longer” and maybe I should but then I want to have an excuse to go Japan often LOL. Seems like I won’t have short of those because there are just tons of things to do in Japan! I need to come up with a whole list of them and then check every of them out maybe before I turn 30 wth.

That can wait, for now here are  the photos from my trip~

Tokyo Tower


A small boulevard leading to Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo Tower

Zojoji Temple and Tokyo Tower at the background. The temple was eeriely quiet compared to Meiji Shrine and Asakusa Shrine with Asakusa being the busiest.

Zojoji Temple and Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower close up!

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

Oh, hello~(⌒▽⌒)

Moi at Tokyo Tower

From the viewing window~

Tokyo Tower

Views from Tokyo Tower~ See if you can recognize the landmarks (^o^ )

Tokyo Skytree

Fuji TV building and Rainbow Bridge

Zojoji Temple

#WhereIStand LOL wearing flip flops ’cause it is the more comfy compare to the sandals I had.

#whereistand at Tokyo Tower

Some of the souvenirs you get to find there. Here’s Funassyi Tokyo Tower keychain, it’s been gaining popularity recently.

Tokyo Tower souvenirs


Here are rows of Trishaw parked before the entrance to Sensouji Temple.

trishaws at Asakusa

From a distant, you can see Tokyo Skytree~

Tokyo Skytree


Kaminarimon, the main gate that leads to Sensouji and was really packed with tourists.


Sensouji Temple

Went to pray for a bit and got my second omikuji~

At my level, I’m still unable to read the kanjis on the omikuji but there was English translation at the back which sorta helps. Apparently it’s good luck, but not the bestlah. Still, yayyy!

Omikuji at Sensoji Temple

Took selfie with the Skytree at the background LOL

Le me~

Strolled around Asakusa and spend most of my time looking for omiyage. It’s one of best place to get lots of local snacks, toys, yukatas, keychains and magnets, especially magnets because I don’t seem to find them anywhere else! It’s a family thing and I want to make a collection on my own too (*´∀`*)

Oh lookie, a whole family of mini lucky cats figures. Nyann~

at Asakusa

Found this one shop selling dozens of different flavored soft served ice creams. Soft served ice creams are awesome stuff, very different from the Malaysia, so totally recommended~! Plus I’m using summer as the best excuse to indulge in ice creams in Japan. This is like, my third one on that vacation (≥▽≤ )~♪

Asakusa soft serve ice cream

After some serious pondering, I decide to go with melon flavor~

It was a tough decision *nod nod*

Melon flavor soft serve ice cream

My other friends were recommending me to try amazake, a sweet sake and fried mochi when at Asakusa too, but I don’t seem to find them… Might have overlooked. Then again, I actually doubt they sell hot amazake on a summer (=__= )

In the same shop I bought my ice cream, they sell Hello Kitty water bottles too. Hello Kitty merchandises everywhere! Took lotsa photos to show my sis because she’s a Hello Kitty fan hahaha


Ok, this one is actually cute~


See what I found_freaking HUGE Hello Kitty plush toys at a store.


Later that evening, I head to Tokyo Station for some window shopping at the mall called Yasae (if I remember correctly) and walking around Tokyo Station to get more omiyage.

One shop at Tokyo station sells a whole lot of bentos and they have replicas of the bentos displayed on the wall.

Regretted I didn’t try…They all looked yummy. Everything in Japan looks is yummy.

Tokyo Station bento

Next, Tokyo Banana~ Bought a box of 4 only because it’s a bit pricey and since all my other friends were raving about it. But when I tried the plain one it was.. really nothing to go bananas for #lamepun

Tokyo Banana

Just a few days ago, another classmate who went to Japan brought us some too as omiyage with one with flower prints and ribbon printed on the packaging, so cute!! I don’t know how to describe it, but that one somehow tasted better than the plain one. So go for that or the ones with other flavors if you’re buying some.

more Tokyo Banana

Tokyo banana with flower prints

That all for now, more photos coming up! ☆-(≥vO)