On a blogging hiatus, see you after my Japan trip!

Sorry for the lack of updates here. Most of the time I’m stuck at home studying for the upcoming JLPT which falls this Sunday so I didn’t want to bore you with details of my studies stuff.

And then, next weekend, I’ll be in Japan!!!

Finally \(T▽T /)

Though just for a short 4 days (T___T ) BUT OF COURSE I wish to go to Japan again and again after this trip for the sakura in spring and to “conquer all of Japan” as a friend put it. Fingers crossed.

But getting back to making plans for my maiden AND solo trip to Japan, it can be so frustrating to plan on my own! Mostly because I’m worried I’ll end up getting lost and then forgetting my Japanese at times I’d need them… If it’s me, it’s possible *awkward laugh*

So yes, trying to make sure I know where I’m getting and brushing on basic Japanese at the same time. Will only be back blogging after the trip and I’m definitely blogging about Japan, so wait for it!

~ ♥ ~

That aside, I am organizing My First Double Giveaway and if you want to be one of the two lucky winners for the awesome heels, do participate. Details are as in the link. I will be announcing the winners after I get back!

Till then, jya ne~ (*´∀`*)ノ

[CLOSED] My First Blog Double Giveaway

Hello, again~!

As I have mentioned in my earlier blog post, I will be running a giveaway and there’ll will be 2 prizes to be won! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

I am giving away either one of 2 of my pre-loved shoes each to 2 lucky readers so that I could make space for more wth lol. They haven’t been worn out before and I sorta prefer something different these days so that’s why I have decided to give them away.

The 2 pair of heels for this giveaway are a Vincci black ankle boots worth around RM100++ and a white platform see-through heels from Taobao worth around RM50. Both are in Size 6, btw!

my fist blog double giveaway~!

Prize #1

Blog Giveaway: Vincci Black high heel boots Blog Giveaway: Vincci Black high heel boots

Prize #2

Blog Giveaway: White transparent wedges Blog Giveaway: White transparent wedges

~ ♥ ~

How to join?

Follow me on my blog, Twitter & Facebook. Once you’re done, leave down your Name, Email Address and Blog URL(If any) so that I could keep in touch with you if you win!

Giveaway terms : Giveaway is open to Malaysian and will run for 3 weeks (ending on 18th July 2014). Prizes will be delivered to/collected from (haven’t decided) a local address only. The two winners will be picked at random and announced on my blog.

Hope you’re as excited as I am for this giveaway! All the best!! (*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

My June Hauls & A Giveaway Announcement


Been occupied with studies last week I try not to spend time on blogging. But then I wasn’t able to concentrate until at night and had to cram everything in last minute my head hurts. LOLOL At least still get an ‘A’~ #braggingrights ok

Intermediate Japanese cert

It’s the mid year sale right now and I took the opportunity to get what I want needed. Okla, there are stuff I wanted for myself too and they’ve been on my wishlist forever XP

So here they are~

Cotton On black floral dress #sale

Floral dress from Cotton On~

Cotton On summer floral dress

Floral print summer dress, again from Cotton On and a separate black belt, my own (forgot where I got it).

I so-o don’t mind having tons of floral prints in my wardrobe I tell you. Super love them!! It’s gonna be my signature style wth. Along with black & white, another favorite look. I don’t know why suddenly most I’ve been eyeing clothes and shoes in black and white only. But then again, I want everything else too hahahaha

Added another white heel from Vincci too, a more comfy one for my everyday work~ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ Simple, chic and they’re white LOL #obsessed

Vincci white heels I love!!

Here are the rest of my my Mode-color heels collection~ (*⌒∇⌒*) Only 2 I wore often wth.

my #MODE colored shoes collection~❤

Clockwise from top left: Black ankle heel boots from Vincci, White see-through design platform heels from Taobao, blue & black cutout heels from Vincci and black & white wedges, also Vincci.

Which now brings me to my…


If you had followed me on Twitter/Facebook, I have made an announcement that I am making a giveaway and 2 of them (the top ones), separately, mostly because I haven’t been wearing them forever and I sorta have a change of heart LOL.

Two things though, it’ll be a local giveaway, (means Malaysia only) and fyi, they’re both in size 6.

I’ll come up with how you can get them on another post, so if you want either one of them just stay tune! ☆~(≥vO)

A Photo Diary: Girls Day Out


Spent days editing photos to create this mini photo book (*⌒∇⌒*) Always wanted to make one but didn’t get much chance because it’s not like there’s cafes with lotsa nice photos to take near my place… Been wanting to go to this Garden Cafe & Lifestyle Store in Mid Valley forever ‘cuz the interior’s just so pretty!

Finally went there with a friend, Nadia whom I got to know from class with an excuse to study but we didn’t LOL

Since it’s such a pretty place, I told myself I MUST bring the camera along! Outdoor photo chance!!

This July, I’m planning to take tons of photos from my trip in Japan to make another photo book and then have it printed out! (*°▽°*)♪ I’m so-o-o looking forward to my trip there but I really need to plan for it ASAP. Didn’t confirm a thing yet and yet I still spend time editing this photos gahh (X__X )

Ramblings aside, here’s my first mini photo book with photos taken from inside Garden Cafe & Lifestyle Store  (*⌒∇⌒*)



Together with Nadia~





Moi and my outfit for the day~❤

I have posted the same pic on my TagBrand account, by the way v(^o^ )






We both ordered spaghetti, which was surprisingly good.

Above: My aglio olio spaghetti with ham, spicy just the way I like it & Below: Nadia’s ikazumi/squid’s ink spaghetti~


Le me ordered this amazing blossom -sth tea. It’s pink, so prettayyy~!! ❤








On a final note, here’s a DISCLAIMER: Photos taken by both Nadia & yours truly. Editing done by le me. Please do not use the photos uploaded on this post (and on my blog) without permission.

Thanks for reading~! ☆-(≥vO)

May Shopping Haul


Just another micropost to keep you occupied while I edit the photos for my awesome mini photobook which I will published later when I’m done.

OOTD snap with my new dress from Kitschen~ Super like the otona floral print, I’m glad I bought it, some more it’s less than RM40! The one on the right, I pair it with my Bershka pastel lemon yellow cardigan. My first pastel colored cardigan wth

And oh, I’m on  ☆TagBrand ☆!

Posted several of my OOTD shots there already, sorta hooked hahaha.Tell me if you have an account there, I would love to check your photos out ヽ(⌒o⌒ ノ ).。.:*☆

Besides TagBrand, I recently and finally made a Facebook page for my blog and that will somewhat serve as a platform to utilize my Japanese hahaha. Too lazy to open a separate Japanese blog which I initially planned to do. Too many accounts to handle, too mafan! Anyway, here are the links to my accounts, also available on the sidebar~




Please add me~! Thanks in advanced (*⌒∇⌒*)




It’s been over 2 agonizing weeks despite my trying my best to keep myself occupied without my lappie. So glad it’s back I tell you. Initially I have decided to write a “How I survive without my laptop, AND internet for 2 weeks” but that somehow didn’t quite work out LOL

Week one was still bearable, with me occupying myself browsing my new ViVi magazine and studying, then browsing through my old stacks of magazines. On the first weekend, I hung out with friends and study some more but by the 2nd weekend I had morphed into the living dead.

I probably had stared at all the walls in the house long enough out of boredom when after hours of studying, slept for an unhealthy 15+++ hours straight, visited the cyber cafe to rent a desktop for 2 hours which didn’t make up for the loss of my close companion who has always serve as my personal library, answering 101 questions that runs in my mind everyday.

Maybe it’s some sorta withdrawal symptom from being very dependent on my lappie(and internet), but looking back, the period without lappie had not been my most productive weeks at home. Thank god for work and classes to keep me occupied for most of the other time!

Sorry for having to bare with all my ramblings ( >A< )

Now that I have my lappie back, it’s time to make up for the posts which I have been wanting to share. An OOTD post soon! ♪ヽ( ⌒o⌒ノ)

That aside, I am still looking for sponsors for advertorials on my blog, feel free to contact me is you have any assignments for me.

Alrighty, I’ll be right back again soon~!

I’ll be on a short blogging hiatus

Lappie’s down for now so I’m taking a break off the screen while I have my notebook sent for repairs. Even this post and the previous I have to have it published from a cyber café..

During this period, I shall take my time to plan for my upcoming trip to Japan in July!!!

It’s happening! (;▽;)I’m on cloud 9, maybe higher LOL

This trip’s gonna mark my maiden journey to my dream city and my being on board of a plane. And my first SOLO adventure too (though I won’t be alone there since I’ll be staying at a tomodachi’s place).

So many firsts, I’m super excited! Though mostly because it’s Japan!!


It’s just gonna be a short trip but I’m planning of making the most of it. Also, I’m crossing my fingers this wouldn’t be my one and only trip there, I want to explore ALL of Japan!! When I could afford more, I also want to buy from my favorite Japanese fashion brands~

Weeks after the trip, I’ll be on board the plane yet again. This time for an adventure in Chiang Mai with my newfound travel buddy. So two trips to plan! Wheee~

Despite my laptop broke down which means no proper Internet for the next 10 days, there are just so many things I am grateful for.

For one, I am thankful for being able to afford my own vacations.

Also I am grateful that the sachou gave me permission to take two holidays.

So, yayyyy!!(*⌒∇⌒*) *dances happily*

Before I sign off, kitty updates hahaha. It’s been making some appearance on my blog lately, ne. This is her hiding underneath the TV cabinet after I chased her around the living room. We try not to let her in anywhere further than the living room because our landlady wouldn’t allow her to do so. She was afraid of the thunder and was seeking refugee at our place; we suspect the neighbour accidentally locked her out. She stayed there unmoving until the rain subsided.

3-04-14 (2)


Till next time, chao~! (*´∀*)