CO2 Laser Treatment at Mediviron Clinic Review

I’m typing this while waiting for my the numbing cream the nurse has just applied on my back to work its effect. So I finally decided to get a CO2 laser treatment at Mediviron Clinic to have the mole on my back removed.

It has been bugging me for a while now and call me superstitious or old fashion but I believe the superstition in which mole at the back, especially the ones located close to the spine area are associated with bad luck according to Chinese. Though, it is mostly because of the former. Of course I got lots of moles in several parts of my body _ face, arms, legs and back _ but I’m fine with most of them except this one.

Didn’t they say in your 20s, you have to learn to love your body or at least make some changes to love your body? Maybe not in your 20s, at any point of your life. Sooner the better LOL. Can’t waste the rest of your life feeling troubled over body issues right?

At the waiting area~

selfie while waiting :D

Speaking of mole removing, this is not my first attempt to have my mole removed. I had one of my mole removed back when I was in my teenage years. It was a rather obvious mole right underneath my chin and that was in the way of my self-confidence. Yeah, back then I have hell lotsa body issues FML

Anyway, one day while I was hanging around at the mall after school activities, I went to consult the sifu there and had my mole removed for only RM10! The sifu applied some traditional medicine and in several minutes, the mole just protruded on its own and he simply removed it. Overall, it was a quick, painless procedure. I would have gone back to that sifu but he moved years ago and I have no clue where he went. As for my chin, it has been mole-less for years but I’m noticing a tiny mole reappearing in the exact spot recently but this time I’m probably just going to let it be.

I did get to know of a sifu who has a shop around Petaling Street but when I went there (alone) sometime early this year, the place crept me out I resigned from the idea. I was not considering laser initially as a friend told me of the exorbitant pricing. He has his done for close to Rm1000 for how many moles I don’t know..

Still, I did some Google-ing and 2 weeks ago, I found that Mediviron Clinic offers such service for a more affordable fee and that’s just how I find my way here today.

Mediviron Clinic Waiting Area

waiting area at Mediviron Clinic

*Intermission* Back home again after the laser treatment and a bit of window shopping. The window shopping part is mandatory hahaha

Was ushered into the consultation room and had my mole zapped LOL. The procedure lasted less than 5 minutes. Compare to what I did last time, oh boy this hurts quite a bit (;▽;) First time the doctor zapped me, the sting shocked me I involuntarily flinched. The next few zaps, I had to bit my lips and distract myself by focusing on my breathing wth (=__=)  Probably have low tolerance towards pain… But the pain only lasted that much, I don’t feel pain afterwards save for occasional short intervals of discomfort.

This is the mole before and right after laser. It appears slightly red and there is a depression scar I’m hoping new skin will grow soon. I was told to give it at least a week and to expect scabs to form in the next few days.

Mediviron Clinic C02 Laser Treatment

After the treatment, I was given an antibiotic cream to apply twice a day for the next 3-4 days. The doctor also made a follow up appointment in 3 weeks’ time in case the mole grew out on the same spot. In that case, the next laser treatment will be free.

Alrighty, that’s most for my review this time. Will be updating again on the healing progress in this same post next week~!

ps, I visited Mediviron Clinic but for some reason there was a sign requesting patients to go to Nexus Clinic. I’m not sure of the connection but just so you know the photos are taken inside Nexus Clinic.

Hada Labo Deep Moisturizing Hand Cream Review

Hada Labo Moisturizing Hand Cream Review

Today I’ll just be doing a short review for Hada Labo’s Deep Moisturizing Hand Cream in Rose scent. I’ve actually been using this for a while now but didn’t get about to reviewing about it until now.

Truthfully, I’m no fan of hand creams because of my OCD, I tend to wash my hands fairly super often I don’t see a purpose on using one since I have the tendency to  wash them off. However, probably from the constant hand washing and due to dry environment at work from all the air conditioning (It gets freaking cold in the office at times!),  I find myself needing one when the skin on my hands started to peel… (=Д=;)

Hada Labo offers two different type of hand cream_Rose-scented for Deep Moisturizing and Lavender-scented for Whitening purpose.

Hada Labo Hand CreamDescription if you can read Chinese. Don’t ask me to translate, those characters are equally alien language to me!

Though, I did some research on the web and found some information from Hada Labo’s FB page. You’re welcome.

Hada Labo Hand Cream Ingredients

The moisturizing lotion is packed with Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol and 3 kind of rose essential oil. No wonder simply from squeezing just a small dollop onto my hand and I could smell the strong scent of rose! Aside from Vitamin E and Australian Macademia Ternifolia Seed Oil, both the hand cream is packed with Hada Labo’s signature Super Hyaluronic Acid so expect amazing moisturizing result from them!

Hada Labo Hand Cream

Texture-wise, it has a silky-creamy sort of consistency that glides easily when applying. I’m no pro when it comes to hand cream but I find this a bit greasy which sort of temp me to want to wash my hands wthiswrongwithme (=__=)  I actually found a solution to this just recently that is to apply this hand cream before sleeping instead of during the day (⌒▽⌒)v #problemsolved LOL

I know there are probably 101 other choices for hand creams out there which probably have fancier packaging and nicer scents but I wanted something simple and works enough to keep my hands moisturize. Thus, opting to buy this simple Hada Labo hand cream. 

Also, like usual, I’m obsessed with Japanese brand skin care and Hada Labo’s a personal favorite so I didn’t think much before purchasing. At RM19.90 for a 50ml tube (I got mine at RM11.80 on sale if I remember correctly!), it’s quite affordable and works well to tackle my dry hands issue (*´∀`*)