dai ichi shō

I just made a few new resolutions. I always make resolutions. New year resolution. Birthday resolutions. Monthly resolutions. Weekly resolutions. Daily resolutions. It’s a never ending cycle. One of my new resolution is to keep this blog alive. At least for a year. Well, what can I say? がんばる よ!! ganbaru yo!!

Hanging around with bro @ Baskin Robbins. This set cost us around RM20.

Really love the display^^ かわいい!! kawaii!!

Alex’s ramen. Looks spicy. It IS spicy XD

Meet k-boy!! My new baby!

Also, tried polishing my cooking skills. Making 弁当 (0-bento) here. The display didn’t turn out nice ‘cuz I lack a number of ingredients. Oh well, next time^^

Final product include rice topped with karaage chicken(not enough flour) and naruto fish cake, 2 types of 卵焼き(rolled egg):with and without miso, and bunny-shaped apple.


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