Japan Charity Bazaar

Went for a Japan Charity Bazaar in Nikko Hotel, Ampang Park today^^ The stuff there is awesome!!!

Bento on displayed in one of the booths. We bought one for RM10. It’s so-o-o good.

Bought unagi don too. Not bad.

Had some homemade rolled-sandwich. RM5.

We played a game there. RM5 for 3 rings. The rule’s simple. Any item the rings hit are ours:DD Pretty childish but cool. Prizes Alex and I won:

2 livita bottles. lol.

Mine: A frog whistle(HAHAHA!!), a packet of panda enveloped and a red towel.

Cheese cake. YUM YUM!! RM5/packet. Bought 3^^

A handmade bookmark. Simple yet nice.

Dropped by KLCC for a break. Gelato Ice cream. Like the durian flavour!!!


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