AFA X @ Singapore

Had a blast in Singapore last Saturday!! So many cool cosplayers around. Not to mentioned very nice figurines though I wish there were more soft toys…

Dropped by at Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe with the Jasmine and the guys around 1pm for a rest. The props for the cafe are so cute! (Gonna upload the photos soon)

Made an appointment with Not For Sale fortune-teller, Hoshi around 1pm. 星はとてもハンサムです!! Hehehe~~ The 10-minute session was worth it! I didn’t ask much because I didn’t have any particular stuff I want to know then. I just asked ’bout my ‘life’. Guess what he said? It’s a s.e.c.r.e.t. *wink* Not entirely a secret since I’ve told some people. Hahaha. Wish I knew what to ask then. Well, next time!!

Besides Hoshi, there was Sugar who does Western and Sabian astrology; and Juno who does Western astrology, Tarrot card and Cabala.

Jasmine and I dropped by the Atelier Royale next^^ We queued up for almost 2 hours to enter the butler cafe. I know. We weren’t gonna waste the chance to meet those guys! I’m so crazy over Akira (Center). I mean, I like him best among the rest. But I also like Haru, and Hiroshi, and oh, Yutaki looks cool(but he is way too tall) and not forgetting Jin.


Suddenly, I’m acting like some die-hard fan. But I must say, Jin doesn’t look good in the poster:(( But he’s hot with his new haircut. Me likey;PP

The guys^^

AKIRA!! *heart**heart*

Haru!! I’m so glad he’s my butler^^

Hiroshi_wish I could get a shot with him too:((

Jin, I prefer his new looks. Kakkoii~~

Yutaki, whom Jasmine’s so head over heels with^^ I was surprise to know that he is actually a celebrity blogger. Pretty amazing. Feels like a stalker…



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