At home…

Took Nice Executive Coach back to SP. The ticket was really expensive but I was desperate… It’s clean, spacious and the journey only took 4 hours and 30minutes… Might consider taking it again in future.

Tadaaa~~ The Domo pillow I bought for Alex!!! It’s so soft and nice! Hahahaha. Alex really like it! Played with it most of the time. Really hope it fits in the luggage…

Alex attempting to cook spaghetti, the second time. First time met with a failure. Of course, with Master Cook Vivi, everything works out well^^ ROFL. The sauce turns out really good! Very cheesy taste! I’ll give it 4.9/5stars. Hehehehe~~

Spot these while shopping for winter clothing for Alex in Queensbay:

Kawaiiii!!! Alex likes the wolf one but I prefer the white lion. LOL. They were so soft

0(^^)o *hug*


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