Countdown to 2011!!

3 hours left before midnight!! Yet another year pass by… (sound so sentimental, wth!) Looking back, this year marks a lot of my firsts:

Living off-campus

Drinking so much wine

Being forced to stand on the chair and sing(in public) on my birthday…

Driving a car after I passed my exam

Banging a car

Getting the car clamped and gotten my first summon (=.=)|||

Getting a crazy lab partner

Being called ‘kaichou sama’ (through over-abuse of power. muahaha)

Selling o-bento

Exploring Semenyih

Driving to KL

Getting my first ipod(though it is a hand-me-down)

Having a burning splinter poked into my skin(ouchie!!)

Celebrating Deepavali at 1am

Go to Cheras Pasar malam

Stepping foot in Singapore after so many years

Attending my first anime convention

Going to a concert

Going for a fortune-telling

Entering a Maid Cafe and a Butler Cafe (*heart* Akira!!)

Playing gachapon after so many years…

Going for a supper at 4.00am

Staring at the stars at 2.00am while lying on my back

Meteor hunting(though futile)

Painting my nails and Alex’s nail black  (>.<)

Getting Alex a huge DOMO pillow\(^.^)/

Hopefully next year will be better!! Will be a Year3 student after the next semester!! とき!とき! I’m both scared and excited ’bout this. But before that, I’m looking forward for the following semester!! Can’t wait to get over the exam soon and organised the long awaited Bunkasai!!!

Ganbaru yo!!


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