More J-stuff

20th Feb 2011

Got these from Daiso @ Sunway Pyramid

Mini Ramen^^ かわいい!!!! There’s 4 in each packs and they’re just slightly smaller than a pack of mamee. Or should I say pretty small… Bought 2 flavours 😀

3 ways to eat them: (1) Eat them just as they are; (2) Just add hot water (0.o); (3) Cook with egg

Tried method (1) and (2) but prefer the latter. It’s kinda salty on its own. Hahaha. Here I tried the black pepper ramen. Not ‘pepper-y’ enough so I added some spice^^ And I used 2 mini ramen. Yummy!!

Caramel candies, also from Daiso;P


22nd January 2011

Went to UiTM Shah Alam for the Japanese Cultural Festival held by society there. Just to get a little inspiration for the coming Bunkasai. Got a chibi me drawn by kiiru.

Cute, right?

f.y.i., no, I did not pose like that. Hahahah.

Had unagi don and a few sushis there. I really wanted the choco-banana but they haven’t prepared it when I was still around. Pretty disappointed about that one, ok. Hahahah. How childish of me.

23rd January 2011

Tried on a new color for CNY! Cheering myself up a bit(got a horrible haircut!). Color turns out pretty striking but still nice. Just lighter compare with my previous color. Domo color. Muahaha.


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