Sweating it all out!

It’s just week 2 into studies but everything is already hectic…

Studies and club preparation. Finally, the date for the long awaited Bunkasai has been set:26th of March 2011. It’s just a few more weeks to go… Man, so many things to get done.

Can’t wait for the event! I’ve been expecting this event to work out like forever!

Plus, it’ll also be the premiere for the Butler and Maid Cafe! We’re currently getting the food and costumes done. Plus, there’ll be an audition this coming Tuesday and I’m really looking forward to know all these potential candidates!!

I’ve been really tired of thinking and planning these days(with meetings one after another @.@~) so I have been working out my stress by jogging in the evening. Pretty random really, depends on the weather. I really like it when it’s cloudy. No scorching sun, yayy!!


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