Chap Goh Meh

Another hectic day… Was driving home when I realized how red and huge the sun appeared to look today… Decided to snap some photos with my hp camera. I’m not sure why, but the sun appear much smaller in this photo…

Damn reflection.

I actually wanted to get more proper photo so I turned in towards the club house to get a better angle. Unfortunately there’re too many trees around and the sun was already setting so I couldn’t get any more photos.

While I was halfway driving back, sulking, I noticed the moon appeared so visible against the evening sky.

\(*V*)/      <— me at that moment. my eyes went *kira* *kira*(*sparkling**sparkling*)

Hit the break and went snapping away. Got a few nice shots(even though the moon in the photos appear smaller, again).

Check out the clouds! They’re so pretty!!!

Found out later yesterday was “chap goh meh”.



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