Busy, busy, busy

Been juggling between studies and club stuff. So many things to do for the Bunkasai preparation! It’s been 2 weeks into preparation now and there’s meetings one after another… So hectic, but at least there’re results.Tomorrow there will be an audition for the butlers and maids positions for the cafe.

I have been working together with the Anime-Manga Society ex-cos and we’ve basically only got our basic stuff done. So we’re still preparing the food, logo and maid costumes(?!!) and the decorations of the cafe! It’s a tiring process but I’m expecting the whole thing to come up nicely XP

Scouting for butlers and maids are tough. I’ve got to convince some of them to join but some volunteered(which I happily accepted). Most volunteered are maids though. Scouting for guys is a little more… difficult. It’s not convincing them which is tough, it’s approaching them.

Seriously, I feel like a total stalker. Yesterday, I had to approach this guy ‘cuz Jasmine was too shy to do so. She had been wanting to ask this guy to go through the audition because “he really looks like a character that jumps out straight from the manga” and that he’s really “dazzling”.

Who wouldn’t be curious?

I was really skeptical but still curious enough. Being describe as “dazzling”, he must be somewhere near angelic if not godly, I thought.

So, with only “he’s fair, tall, not the lanky type(since I told her I don’t like the butlers lanky), bespectacled,dazzling, really dazzling, totally the butler type, looks like a character out of a manga” descriptions and that he’s rendezvous if SA first floor, I decided to look around for him around dinner since “he’s usually there”.

Now that I think of it, Jasmine can make one real good private investigator… or stalker (=.=)|||

Waited for 15 minutes. No signs of any angelic being. Or dazzling people. Or people who shine. Or shiny people…

I was halfway walking down the staircase when a guy walked past. My first impression? Or rather, the first word that crossed my mind?


to be continue…


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