In search of a butler…

Last Tuesday the audition went just OK.

There were 6 girls and a guy who turned up. Quite an achievement but am disappointed dazzling guy couldn’t make it. I knew he couldn’t since he did mention he would be busy with sports on that day.

I mustered all my courage to ask him to join the audition.

You can how see Jasmine and I are desperate for good looking butlers. So after I spotted him walking up the stairs, holding a tray of his dinner, I kinda like almost stop dead on my track. Which I didn’t. Actually I did, after a few more steps down and making sure I was out of his field of vision.

So I turned around and spent the next 15 minutes… er… stalking him? Just needed some time to really make sure he’s the guy mah!!! (A little exaggerated la. It’s just he really has the sort of butler aura. The way he looks la. Like he’s destined to be one. LOL. Kidding.)

And then, whilst I was reasoning with my inner self, he went poof! Disappear. And I spent the next 5 minutes looking for him before I found him in tiscra… Can’t believe I was so despo.

To cut thing short, I asked him lo. But he said he was busy with sport and couldn’t attend. Sadness overwhelmed. But Jasmine was pretty cool ‘bout it, she sms-ed me, “I’m glad he can’t come tomorrow..else I can’t open my mouth! :)”



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