Am going crazy here. All the meetings and preparations and event collaboration invitations are so driving me nuts. A friend invitedme to attend the ‘CHEss Night’ which I’m going since he told me there’re 5 really hot guys. Am not desperate, just dedicated in my hunt for the hottest butlers.

And then there’s this large-scale charity event going on call the “Nottingham Brings A Smile” which I had to decline to open a booth since it’s a week before Bunkasai and we lack time for other preparations.

And then there’s another invitation to collaborate with the International Student Bureau(ISB) for the “International Cultural Night” to open a booth next month.

Been receiving text messages non-stop from everyone about stuff like, “fashion show for ISB night…” or “Bunkasai this…” and “Bunkasai that…” or “Meeting now!(Huh?!)” and the list just never stop there. It’s just 10 days and I got to reload, AGAIN. Even though I just reloaded RM30 last 10 days?! No wonder I’m broke.

I’m not sure whether my emo-ness is cause by all these stress.

Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.


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