Not so over it yet

YAYYY!! So glad Bunkasai went smoothly last weekend.

Makes all the hard work worth it\(^w^)/

But there’re a few stuff I’m disappointed at. First, Neowie came all the way for the event and we’re supposed to hang around together which we didn’t because I was busy running around:((

So thankful ape, *cough* I mean Vishnu was there to accompany her. Felt really bad ’bout it.

Second, there was a dress I was suppose to complete but I couldn’t do it on time because other stuff are piling up and so the 5th maid couldn’t wore it. I completed it in the afternoon but she wasn’t there to try it on. *sigh**sigh* Such a waste… I completed the dress at 2pm. It took me less than an hour(All the other dresses took approximately 3 hours to completion). I was in between rushing to complete it so much that my hands were trembling and sometimes I couldn’t get the thread into the needle hole, which annoys me greatly.


Having (late) lunch with Danial at DATEN CAFE later that evening somewhat cheered me up a bit. He was cosplaying as Urahara Keisuke and his ‘wig’ was definitely eye-catching. LOL. Our short journey to the cafe got interrupted a few times by visitors who were impressed by his cosplay (^^)

Helped took some photos along the way.


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