Officially ‘retired’ from my post as kaichou post already. I guess I’ll miss being called kaichousama.There goes one of my means of entertainment πŸ˜›

How times fly so fast…

I guess I had quite some fun too amiss all the working stress and stuff. There were many plans I wanted to work out. Like the Valentine’s Day Chocolate Selling. I really wanted to sell this heart shaped chocolate where people can personalized their message. Not the printed ones.

That’s old stuff(even though I was the one who introduced the idea. LOL).

I wanted the message to be something 3D. Made of icings. Freaking awesome idea. If homemade better! So Japanese-sy. And it makes people go toki-doki, doesn’t it? Was too busy with Bunkasai preparation…. I really want the heart-shaped-chocolate-with-message-icings….

*i want**i WANT!** I WANTTTT!!!*

Oh well…. *sigh again*

Of course, there’re a whole loads of other stuff too, but guess I should leave it out for now. Aih… Everyone worked so hard throughout the whole year. Thanks so muchy!!!

Hontouni arigatou gozaimasu! Soshite otsukaresama deshita!!!

Hmmm… Well since I’m a retiree now, I’ve been wondering if I should make a new blog and maybe I should call it ‘ex-kaichousama.wordpress’


Sounds a lil weird… maybe I’ll just stick to this one.

And no am I not sad at all for retiring. Not at all.


Really really.

Hahahahah. Not joking larrr~~

True la, dei!




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