Fruit Cake~~ Wee~~

Maybe it’s exam stress. But I really want to bake a cake for Y.Y..

LOL. She loves fruit cake. Just wanna give her something since she helped me a lot. Finding house and everything else(^^) Testing first though.

Well, dun wanna give her a burn cake ;P

Forgot to take some photos since I got too engrossed in beating the mixtures. This is after I added butter and the fruit mix. Doesn’t take 15 minutes to do all this. After that i just dumped the whole thing into the rice cooker and let it work its magic 😀


Oh well. I’m a great cook.

Ok. It’s a little burnt at the bottom since I was heating the rice cooker for something else before that. Makan sendiri since I paise wanna let ppl try.

Well, dun wanna give her a burn cake ;P

Well at least it’s cook la. YY can’t even make scramble eggs… The last time she did…

Second one works better^^

Gonna share with friends first. Muahahahahaha!!!


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