Penang, here I come… again

It’s 10.05pm. Just exactly 24 hours ago, I was packing my stuff in the room of my rented room and then drove off at a speed of *beep*km/h(censored here ^^) on the bridge and highway. The road was cleared by then and oh-was-I-freaking-glad XD

Got back in 40minutes. Nice record~~ Muahahaha!!

But hell did I find myself  back on the highway heading to Penang again the very next morning. I was even woken up by my sista at 8.50am? Frigging awesome way to spend my weekend. Arggghh!!! I was planning to sleep in until 12 or 1… Busted. So, actually mah sista have 2 friends over for vacation and my mom decided to bring them around Penang island for sightseeing. It’s not that bad, hanging out with them both(mah sista frens)_they’re really cool people.

Tadaaa~~ Some photos from the trip~~

At Kek Lok Si temple

Owhh~~ and see what we got there!!! Pretty wishing ribbons~~

Anyone who wishes to make some well wishes just need to donate RM1 for each ribbons and write their names (or whoever’s name lah) and hang them on the ‘tree’.

It’s just like ‘tanabata festival’. Me likey~

Oh boy, now that I think about it, I’ve been in Penang for 5 weeks already and man, have it been crazy. But yea, am learning to take things easy here. Now I’m just thinking ’bout ways to fill in the gaps between my social calendar XD

Sometimes, simple, unplanned outings can be fun too!

Life is good *wink*


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