Flour, butter, cookies and cakes

This semester, one of my housemate brought a microwave oven and of course, I just couldn’t leave it alone v(^v^,)

So, here’s the result of my first complete tryout:

 Z’s and my 21st birthday cake. A 2-flavoured cake, chocolate and vanilla(recipe from Martha Stewart’s website) which I’ve arranged alternately. Then, we sliced the cake in halves and had blueberry+yogurt spread in the middle. We(Nirshaa and Ben and I) coated it with chocolate icing.

The icing didn’t spread out smoothly and so we decided to cover the flaws at the side with sliced strawberries, which turned out to be a superb idea~! We had it stored in the uni’s 7/11 after decorating it since it wouldn’t fit in our fridge XD

The completed cake, with colorful candles I got from an online store(they can give out sparks! with plenty of black smokes too >.<)

My second project: cookies, which Ben recommended to make since we were both bored after YY cancelled the trip to Secret Recipe. The result? More than 2 dozens different size heart-shaped cookies.

And of course plentiful of other patterns and shapes too :3



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