BitterXSweet of 2011

2011 flashback ❤

#1 Most cans of Red Bulls consumed in a single weekend and throughout the year. Now one can of Red Bull just isn’t working.

#2 Staying awake for the longest period for preparation for Bunkasai which brings me to

#3 Longest hours of sleeping hours (More like dropping dead after Bunkasai) breaking my previous 15 hours continuous sleep in 2010. True story.

#4 Experienced countless DejaVus(no doubt a result from #1 and #2)

But what made #1-4 worthwhile is

#5 Winning the ‘Best Rookie Club/Society Award 2011’. Hell, yeah! *Kiss trophy*

Then there’s a lot of ‘first’s’

#6 First prom nite

#7 First internship experience(awesome!)

#8 First car crash (”,>.<),

#9 First parking summon(AWWW SUCKS!!)

#10 First time baking cookies

#11 First birthday party I had with friends and with my

#12 First self-made birthday cake

#13 First hands on in sewing a dress(maid costumes!)

#14 First huge project: Bunkasai

#15 First time driving alone to and fro Penang and around Penang island

#16 and getting my first part time job in Penang (which was an awesome and which made me realized Penangites are one hardworking lot!)

#17 Bought my first yukata

#18 First cosplay

#19 And first time having to put on makeup for more than 30 minutes (,=.=) It was a tiring process…

And I guess there’s a whole lot more of stuff going on I don’t remember anymore cuz the list seems endless. But I guess I should mention I’ve also heard one of the funniest pickup line ever *wink*


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