For the love of chocolates

If it’s the new year and you find yourself thinking it’s just another day, you’re getting older.

And if it’s the new year and you find yourself in front of the television watching everyone across the globe doing the new year’s countdown with books scattered on the living room table, you’re just a nerdy student. But heyy, exam’s like next week (,>.<),

Freaking tired from all the traveling today… Chilling out with some chocolates my sis got for me from her last Langkawi trip~ Weeee~~

Photos taken from my lappie camera. Problem is, the photo appears as a mirror image, thus the words appeared mirror-ed. But nevermind that~ The dark chocolate flavored taste awesome! My second favourite after KitKat’s dark chocolate (,^v^)b

Neway, decided to cut my fringe today. Got kinda irritated with having to sweep my grown out bangs to the side.Whenever I do so, it just felt so wrong. Like those kinda girls who are trying to get the attention of the guy standing nearby and that just felt silly.

So, the hair(the side sweep hair, ahem!), gotta go.

No mercy.

And with a single snip of the scissors, off they fell. And then the artistic me decided I should cut the side of my bangs a little bit to make them look a lil ‘balanced’ to get the I-just-got-a-haircut-from-the-saloon look.

Hmm… gotta give myself a hi5 for this one.


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