Fukubukuro shopping: the way to celebrate new year in Japan

Was browsing through the web when I came across TokyoFashion.com about an article with street photos of Harajuku where shops, plenty of them are were selling fukubukuro, which actually means ‘lucky bag’. Oh, I’ve been yearning for them!!

So the thing with this fukubukuros is that you’ve got to buy them to know the contents in it. And they’re usually filled with items sold wayyyy cheaper than their normal price. Like maybe you can get a couple of apparels, bags, accessories of all sorts of other stuff, depending on the shops you go to in a  bag for 1000-10,000 yen when their original price were much higher.

Looking through all those pics on TokyoFashion makes me so jelly!

I would love to get my hands on some Rosebullet, CecilMcBee, Ank Rouge or Liz Lisa and maybe Jill Stuart(if there’s any) fukubukuros!!

Spotted! Mystery gal sporting all the lovely brands I like! Hi5 for having similar great taste for fashion. But, DAMN IT!!

You wait, gal! (,*^*,)

Now I shall get back to do some studying *sulk*


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