Nail hauls~!

So I’ve been hunting for nail colors in the past weeks to get my designs off the papers!! Currently waiting for a few others to arrive so that I can kick start my plan.

Now here’s the one that just arrived today!!

Such lovely combinations!! And I had a hard time picking up the few I like. There’s just so many to choose from!

Here’s my pick(from left):

OPI Italian Love Affair,  My Address is Hollywood, Come to Poppy, Spark de Triomphe, Dulce de Leche and Essie’s Matte About You ^^

OK, so we were just home after dinner and decided to get some time off from studying. So I did my roomie’s nail. Didn’t take 5 minutes at all since her nails are so tiny!!

The colors really goes well on her hand. She chose her favourite 2 colors: OPI Come to Poppy and Italian Love Affair. I gave her glitters on one nail in each hand_like Gyaru nail style. It didn’t show much in this photo though but I like the glitters: OPI Spark de Triomphe from Serena Glam Slam collection.

Gonna glam my nails up next for CNY after the exam and maybe do a few swatches too XD

(\^v^)/ weeeeeee~~!!


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