Simple perfection

Went to Mid Valley yesterday and bought a packet of Starbucks’ Columbia Medium Instant and Microground Coffee which consist of 12 single-serve sachets for RM28. The 3 sachets one costs only RM8.

Initially wanted to get EK the ready made one but i was afraid it might get too cold for his liking so I got myself the instant one so I can make him a warm cup of coffee. Was carpooling with EK yesterday since I decided to get home earlier despite having booked my ticket for the day after.

So duh, the coffee to keep EK awake throughout the entire 5-6 hours journey. He refused to drink it anyway, saying how he didn’t like coffee (>.<)

I had my cup of coffee to keep myself awake so as to make sure he wasn’t driving to recklessly. Maybe I’m just paranoid but oh well~

It has a way thicker taste compared to Davidoff coffee and wayyy bitter too. Perfect for those who fancy bitter coffee. I’d mine with 2 tablespoon of sugar and some cinammon_the way I like my coffee to be.


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