CNY Day 5: Back from road trip

Just got back from  4-day road trip with my parents. Man am I tired from driving even when I’m just taking turns with my dad (>.<)

While on our way home, we decided to stopped by Seen Hock Yeen temple at Chemor. We were dropping by Perak when my mom remembered reading about this temple somewhere in the newspaper and with a lil’ asking around, we found our destination~

It appears that this temple is somewhat a tourist attraction_there were a whole bunch of them, with their guides explaining the history behind the temple and leading the prayers and stuff(I didn’t understand, really).

This is the view of the main building facing the man-made lake:

Lotus grown at one side of the lake with another part of the temple at the background:

There are golden statues of the 12 animals aligned by the side of the lake(no photos >.<) and my dad were happily goofing around, asking me to get a photo beside his animal sign…

I was like sweat…


but took them anyway. ROFL!

And of course, we went around offering prayers and sandlewood(I think) powder as replacement of incense and then hung around a lil’ bit more enjoying the scenery before hitting the road again.


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