Mags I love~

Currently reading Popteen February 2012 issues. It’s my first time reading Popteen and OMG I’m loving it. It’s gonna be my favourite after VIVI and NailUp magazine now.

In the issue there were many yukata shots and they’re all so pretty~!!

And in the first couple pages, they featured all the fukubukuros sold during the New Year which adds to the awesomeness\(*^*/)

These are some of the fukubukuros from Liz Lisa:

Aww~~ Love the green kimono (\^v^)/

And I saw this: Nail Up March 2012 featuring Tsubasa!! Can’t wait to get my hands on the issue :3

Planning to get a couple of FIMO after CNY to do some nail art.

weeeheee~! \(^v^/)

Designed a few other nail designs so I can’t wait to get my design off the paper~


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