Some souvenirs from my bro~

Chocolates from my bro who just got back from Germany. He got like 5 times more of this amount and I just got myself some to share with my friends~

And he got my sis and I each a Grim Reaper felt key chain which I think is really cute~

And ooh~~ a musical box featuring a song by Aristide Bruant. It’s not powered by a clockwork so I’ve to keep spinning the hand crank to play the song. I was trying it out at different speed just for the fun of it.

My sister got the one with the song ‘Ode to Joy’.

Don’t feel like elaborating much since I’m so tired from cleaning up some stuff and waiting for my bro at the airport. Gotta thank my mom for helping me with most of the house cleaning. Thing is already getting busy here…


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