Makan trip with bro (part I)

Introducing my bro to all the awesome food around my uni~ Here’s something from the the night before yesterday and yesterday


Bro’s supper last night: Square chicken-sth pizza from Buddyz Restaurant

~  ~

Lunch yesterday for the cafeteria’s Arabian Corner. Mine cost a frigging RM10 (,>.<,”)

~  ~

Dinner’s at Hokkaido Ichiban in The Gardens Mall! Awesome place!

Here’s what we ordered~

My brother’s choice~ tempura ebi with curry rice, which was not bad but I think the curry rice from the bento the Japanese Society in my uni made last year for the bento event was wayyyyy nicer. Too bad they didn’t have tempura prawn ;P

And my choice!! Turkey ham with cheese okonomiyaki. I love okonomiyaki and this one taste really good~

And for dessert_ ice cream!! I recommended the Niagara Fall Sherbet(all time favourite) and Kuro Goma(Black Sesame) flavours!!

(,T~T,)   <– brother crying tears of joy after trying the okonomiyaki and ice cream. ROFL!!



One thought on “Makan trip with bro (part I)

  1. Thankx for ur post! Keep up the good job and have a great aloha week!! ^_^ I love korean and Japanese food, since I am both. But soo yummy ur photos!! LOL

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