Books Haul

Using the 1Malaysia book voucher which I got weeks ago, my brother and I got these:

I chose ‘It’s Rising Time‘ by Kim Kiyosaki ‘cuz I just love the idea of independent women. Yeah, gals power!! I actually wanted to get the book ‘Rich Woman‘(like forever!), also by Kim, but I just couldn’t find it at all the major bookstores around KL *sigh* My second choice_ ‘Everyone communicates, Few Connect‘ by John C. Maxwell, which had caught my attention for a while now. And my bro got the book on Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Cashflow Quadrant’. He’s pretty much interested in getting the board game after reading about it from ‘Why We Want You to be Rich”.

I only spent RM150 so which means I’ve still got the remaining RM50 + RM5 book voucher from MPH to spent. FYI, for every RM100 of 1Malaysia book voucher spent in MPH, you’re entitled to get an additional MPH RM5 book voucher. Not bad, eh?

I’m so glad I’ve waited for a while before deciding to get them and so thankful they came up with the 1Malaysia book voucher program ,(OvO)v though I don’t get why the hell some people just got them wasted on stationary…(,=.=!,) My housemates and I were whining about this. We want more books!!!

So can’t wait to get started with all these! Gonna have to find time between assignments (,T^T,)


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