Osaka Cake & Mille Crepe

Indulging myself in sweets! Bought a box of Osaka Sponge Cake and a slice of Tiramisu Mille Crepe from Vanilla Cakes bakery from Kajang.

So happy!! (\TvT/)

So walah~ Photos~!

Cute box. LOL!

Oh la la~

I bought a box of 6 with 3 different flavors. From left, original, chocolate(?Forgot… Try one tomorrow and will see ,(>v<),) and ribenna. Tried the original one already. Was suppose to snap a photo showing what the content’s like but the cream was so good I gobbled the entire thing in seconds! ROFL!! I find the sponge cake so-so but with the cream, they’re a not bad combination.

Still, out of 5, I’ll give a ♥♥♥♥ only rating. The sponge cake could have been better. Gonna share the rest with mah bro and parents!

Next~ Mille crepe invasion!!!

Initially wanted to get the Osaka cake only but then the aunty let me test the Vanilla and Tiramisu flavor cake. The vanilla one has a mild sweet taste but the Tiramisu one has a rich coffee flavor which got me tempted enough to buy a slice(the last slice!).

Tiramisu flavor Mille Crepe!

OMG! Check out all the layers!!

And OMG! Check out the list of flavors available for order! I’m guessing Chocolate Supreme, Italian Tiramisu(the one I tried) and True Vanilla are the top 3 flavors or maybe recommended ones. They’ve got a thumbs up icon thingy printed right beside these flavors. Sweet~


Some of the other flavors available~~

Spotted the Chocolate Strawberry Mille Crepe in the pamphlet! Gahhh!! Didn’t see this one in the shop! OK, I’ll make my bro buy me this one!! Hopefully it’s available! *fingers crossed*

i see イチゴ!


3 thoughts on “Osaka Cake & Mille Crepe

  1. I haven’t had my breakfast and when I saw this post;

    Those cakes make me hungry! I’m salivating *drool*.

    Would want to try them one day. 🙂

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