China Glaze For Audrey Swatch

Finally, a post on another China Glaze nail polish that I’ve gotten weeks ago. Take me forever to make one ‘(,=v=,”)

The first photo is the closest to the exact color~

China Glaze 'For Audrey'

In another different lighting~

For Audrey is a almost turquoise kinda blue, which gives it a really vintage-y kinda look. If you’re a fan of vintage stuff, this is so for you. And speaking of vintage, check out my vintage Audrey ring!

Don't ya' just love the ring?

And ooh~ Just comparing ‘For Audrey’ with my Dolly Wink’s sky blue and turquoise. The color is something between those two, isn’t it. Lovely combo~! v(OvO,)

ps, never mind my messy table at the background (,>.<,)


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