Just a lil’ update on this gyaru princess or should I say, bunny princess? ♥ This coming April she’ll be in the front cover of Popteen and CUTiE magazine. April issue of Popteen is already available here.

Speaking of Tsubasa, I’ve gotten my first lipstick and lip gloss from Candy Doll~ Hoorayyy!! Sasa’s offering the Lip Gloss for only RM34 PWP with another Candy Doll item for their 34th Anniversary Sale.

Lip gloss in Milky Orange(carrot color!!) and lip stick in Ramune Pink♥♥

Err… review soon? My suppose-to-be published reviews are piling up… 😦

And finally, sharing a video of one of Tsubasa’s live performance \(^v^/)


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