UNMC Bunkasai 2012~!

Once again, UNMC Japanese Society organized a Bunkasai event last Saturday!! ♥♥

And below, the poster~! It’s not mentioned in the poster, but this year they had a haunted house too~!

Took some photos the night before while helping out with the preparations~

banner hung at the main entrance~

preparing brooches as gifts for goshujin-sama and ojou-sama (,^v^)v

Sneak peak on what they had at Daten Cafe~ Weehee~

This year, they put more effort in decorating the hall(,OvO)v

in the hall where the performances were held~

last minute preparation in the morning~

I was assigned to help around in the yukata booth during Bunkasai~~

Some of the yukatas for photoshoot at the yukata booth where I was helping♥ Lent my black yukata to the club.

Something from the quick tea break~

Break time with hot chocolate from Daten Cafe! This one’s called ‘Fluffy Dream’~ I wanted more marshmallows!! LOL!

Got myself some dangos too!!\(^v^/)

Dango in 3 different flavors from one of the stalls. Oishii da yo!!\(OvO/)

So I didn’t manage to get much photos during the event and missed out of the performances too since there was a queue in the yukata booth. A long queue. From noon till the end of the event. Mostly wanting to try the black yukata(,=.=,”’)Then there’s a girl who came back for another round of photo shoot and even choosing the same yukata_the black one_ ‘cuz she “really like it” ♥

The photographers really did a good job there, all the photos were awesome!! I really wish I can share all the photos here but that’ll be against the rule….

Anyway, will try to hunt for videos and upload them together with more photos I got during Bunkasai in another post~

Anyway, check out what I got from Bunkasai. A really cute key chain!

Katami from Bunkasai 2012. It’s designed by a friend, who’s also a committee from JSoc~ Love it so muchy~!

Close up! On the right is the club logo ,(^v^)v

photoshoot at the end of the day with tomodachi~


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