Magazine woes

Just got myself this May issue of Popteen with Tsubasa on the cover.

Translated Chinese version of Popteen

Some might have realized this was supposed to be last month’s issue but over here, in Malaysia,  they issue Popteen’s mags a month later which means I only get the Japanese April issue in May, what’s more, they’re all translated to Chinese!!! (T^T) Sadness to the max! I purposely went all the way to KL just to find it but couldn’t so I decided to get the Chinese version one even though I can’t read it at all….

I was actually really eager to try out this one hairstyle here but then found out some of the pages were missing!!! And this includes the hairstyle page and a few others. Like wtf! The original Japanese version has over 150 pages and this one ends at 120-something. Whyyyyyy???!!


And because I really wanted to try out the hairstyle, I went hunting for the scans at the site I usually go for my dose of monthly Japanese magazine but….

Wanna try styling my hair into the bun(bottom left page)

… the scan isn’t complete (TAT)

Anyone knows how to do that hair updo?


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