Biore Cleansing Oil Review

Just got myself a new makeup remover last weekend at SASA(again!) for RM23. Wanted to try this for a while now since a lot of magazine been raving about how good this is. I got this after I finished using Loreal gentle eye and lips makeup remover.

Biore Oil-based makeup remover

Description at the back~

Here’s the suggested usage method:

1. Pumped a proper amount of cleansing oil onto palm and gently massage onto face to dissolve makeup

2. Rinse thoroughly with water when makeup and facial dirt has dissolved.


Tested it on my hand since I didn’t want to wash my face yet(I had my serum and moisturizer on)

On my hand: concealer+foundation

Pumped one drop of this cleansing oil onto my hand and gently massaged it with my finger~ The makeup dissolves rather easily~ (,OvO,)

Right after rinsing it off with water~


What I think about it?

Well I love the strong apple+berry-ish scent and how it really easily dissolves makeup. On the other hand, I find it really impossible to avoid getting this product into your eyes when removing eye makeup. It stings like crazy when it does!!

So I used a cotton pad and pumped this remover and then place the cotton pad over my eyes for a couple of second and then wipe gently to remove the rest of the mascara. That did the trick.

Another thing I don’t like about this remover is that I would need to rinse them off after the makeup’s dissolved. I suppose this remover’s meant to be used at the end of the day when you wanna get rid of all your makeup and NOT when you want to fix your makeup. Imagine how many times you gotta reapply your entire makeup(Gahhh!).

My rating:  2.5/5

Well, I actually prefer a makeup remover that doesn’t need rinsing after usage and I prefer to use a cotton pad to remove makeup and not massaging them onto my face, so yeah.


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