HiShop Malaysia

In this blog post, I’d like to introduce my Malaysian readers one site where I love to do my shopping online. Well you see, I love to shop online and if you read my previous post on my spring hauls, you’d noticed I get a number of items from online shops.

So here, I’m just gonna introduce HiShop_ a premier members-only online shopping club which features branded goods ranging from ready-to-wear garments, handbags & accessories and home furnishing at up to 80% discount!!

I’ve actually came to known about HiShop for about a year or so. But only about 2 weeks ago, I’ve made my first purchase of SexyGirl product from HiShop which I’ve gotten at

50% off

it’s usual price!!!

Some of HiShop’s current promotion.

Some of the many current promotions exclusively at HiShop! Chanel and Jelly Pong Pong at 20% and 70% respectively!!

Previously they even had an SK-II promotion with a number of SK-II products at 20% off! That means, you can actually save up to RM90 for SK-II products! I wanted to get some SK-II skincare stuff too but they prove still too expensive for a student like me.

I’m crossing my fingers so that they’ll have more SK-II sales in future! XP

Anyway, do keep in mind that HiShop’s promotions only last for a certain duration. So don’t miss them out and follow them on Facebook to keep up with their ongoing or upcoming sales!!


I’m loving HiShop for being able to deliver what they’ve promised_in this case, I actually gotten my items in  14 working days! Though I haven’t actually gotten them yet since I wasn’t in when the courier arrived yesterday and I’ve got them to arrange for the courier to be sent tomorrow. That aside, I’ve also got no problem placing orders or making payment. So double thumbs up for that!


Hope you enjoy your shopping with HiShop and don’t forget to stay tune for my upcoming SexyGirl products reviews~!


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