Almost all of us housemates are graduating from this uni soon, so we’re like

memes generator is awesome!

We listed down all the places we want to eat for the next couple of days.


Here’s where we had our dinner yesterday

our frequent rendezvous~

It’s not exactly fast food but here in Malaysia, more like mixed rice style but hey, this is Malaysia-lah. Who cares what’s written on the signboard? It’s all about the food!

For a vegetarian kopitiam the food here’s really nice and cheap, like RM2 only. For 3 filling dishes~!

My housemate’s

all da greens!


mine~ so yummy n healthy~

And for supper, we asked our housemate to takeaway cheese naan from uni~

From the uni’s Arabian corner. They have the BEST cheese naan ever!


Lunch time! Brought roomie out for lunch together.

Drove to my favorite pan mee kopitiam in Broga~!

spicy malak noodles~ and fried garlic and dried chillies to go with it ♥

iced honey lemon juice on a hot day~

Ads for the honey lime juice on the table~ They called it iced jelly bee! LOL!

And just now for dinner_Indonesia-style!

mah new found love~

Stuff my friends and I usually order~

dishes to go together with the rice~

fried chicken, fried tofu, tempeh which is actually fermented soybean and some vege~

Yummy~! I’m still feeling so stuffed from dinner. ZOMG… And there’s still a lot of places to eat around here (,=A=,) Errr… #firstworlddillemma?


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