Maybelline’s Unstoppable Curly Extension Mascara Review

Here’s something that’s been lying in my makeup bag for a while now.

Maybelline Unstoppable Curly Extension

The brush~

Got this from Watson about a year ago, so I don’t remember how much is it but this shouldn’t cost you more than RM35.

without makeup~

with mascara~!

bottom view of top lashes~ hahaha. the irony~

It actually has a really strong staying power and it’s waterproof too.  Plus, it’s not too flashy and casual.

If you’re looking to have more drama in your eyes, this may not be for you.

Unlike some other Maybelline mascara, it isn’t too heavy for your lashes. I’ve heard my friends complaining about one of Maybelline’s mascara, I forgot which one, that actually cause your natural lashes to fall off *eeek!!*

I actually love how it can accentuate the bottom lashes really well.

Another shot taken on a different day~ Too much mascara?

On the down side, applying too much of this mascara actually makes the lashes a little too messy-looking, especially for the bottom lashes. I’d probably opt for matsuge, that’s Japanese for falsies, if I want a more obvious bottom lashes and a ‘clean’ look for my eyes.


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