Pinky Paradise sales!!

Ok, I actually promised myself not to spend anymore but I couldn’t help it when I spotted Pinky Paradise having 50% off Princess Mimi circle lenses in Apple Green_ a color I’ve wanted so much for a long time! Well, for one, it’s produced by my favorite model Tsubasa \(//v//)/

OMG! I’m so happy I’m finally getting it!!

I haven’t heard of Pinky Paradise until a blogger friend recommended it to me. And only recently I found out Pinky Paradise is based in Malaysia! Been missing out for like…6 years? Damn!

Thanks to Riri-chan for recommending Pinky Paradise to me!

If you’re a fan of circle lenses or interested in getting some, go check out

Pinky Paradise’s 6th Year Anniversary Sale


Besides these Geo Princess Mimi Bambi collection, they’ve got other lenses on discounts too! Not to mentioned, THEY SHIPPED WORLDWIDE!

Hurry and get yours before offer ends in 3 days time!! Clock’s ticking!


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