It’s my second night after moving out from uni to KL. I’m so beat. It’s my first day at my part time work in KL and the traffic is so bad and the GPS isn’t doing me any good by leading me to the wrong turn TWICE! So frustrated I wish I’ve chosen a workplace and accommodation closer to public transport so I wouldn’t need to drive and get caught up in the jam *sigh*

On the bright side, I’m living in the middle of the city, means plenty of new places to explore and more shopping spots where I can hang out.

And I found there’s a Daiso(Japan’s biggest 100 yen store) in a short driving distance.

Here’s what I got for myself just two days ago. BTW, all these photos are taken using my Macbook’s camera, does the mirror-like image and poorer resolutions. I misplaced my camera while I was packing *facepalm* Gotta hold some of my review posts since I can’t take proper photos 😦

Kawaii lace foot socks to go with my formal shoes~

animal-shaped cookies

animal ear pick

Pink Hello Kitty pouch~

All items for RM5 each!! I just love stuff from Daiso stores ♥ Remembered walking into the Daiso store in Sunway Pyramid(Malaysia’s 1st Daiso outlet) and it felt so ‘magical’. LOL. I wanted to get all the stuff there. The cute bento boxes, all the bento accessories, all the cute porcelain teacups and plates and everything else.

I mean like EVERYTHING! \(^o^/)

L♥ving my Daiso hauls~


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