my very first sponsor!

A few blog posts ago, I mentioned I received an email that ‘made my day like 5 times better‘ and I promised to share what’s that all about. This was weeks ago. I was so caught up with getting use to my new life somewhere in KL and I kept delaying this post.

So here it is!

*drum roll*

I’ve actually gotten a sponsor for my blog!

My very first sponsor!!!

I’m truly honored to receive a number of products from Majolica Majorca’s for purpose of reviewing. The products will be featured in Majolica Majorca’s latest chapter which will only be released in Malaysia in a couple of months which means I get to try the out first♥ Yippeeee~ \(^v^/)

Been using and testing them out to work and during outings~

Many thanks to

Find out what’s in store for Majolica Majorca’s latest chapter. I’ll be reviewing them sometime next month, so do follow up for updates of this new line.

To all my lovely Malaysian readers, you have been forwarned~! Keep a lookout for those lovely collection!! They’ll definitely won’t disappoint you!



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