Moo Moo Madness!

Took the day off todya to run some errands. Goodness, they’re endless!!! Anyway, dropped by Kajang to get a bunch of spring rolls on the way too. Everyone at office wanted to get some after I brought a roll back for them to try last 2 weeks. They’ve been craving for it! So walah. All 10 rolls. Stuff them all in the office fridge. Bought some for the people at home to try too πŸ™‚

see all da rolls?

See why it’s named the ‘Moo Moo Cake’? It got black patches like a cow’s!!! So cute!

Weeeheeeheee \(^v^/)

And it taste superb!! Super soft rolls with equally super creamy err.. cream. Nao the fridge smells like milk β™‘

Moo Moo Cake β™‘

I had to wait for an hour plus for it since it was totally sold out and they had to make a new batch. Even so, some of the rolls were already pre-ordered and they didn’t have enough rolls for me, initially. But the aunty was so nice, she had things sorted out when she knew I drove all the way from KL. So I manage to get them-lah~

Plus she even gave me some Osaka Cake for keeping me waiting while they were packing my orders(after I returned an hour later). OMG, she didn’t have to! She’s just so sweet~

Osaka Cake

Anyway, you peeps at Kajang or KL or Selangor should really try this Moo Moo Cake at New Zealand Bakery in Kajang! You’ve got my word, it’s awesome!!! Just do me a favor and don’t get in my way when I want my Moo Moo Cake or I’ll have to declare war XP


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