le shopping hauls

Did more shopping last weekend

٩(♡ε ♡ )۶

There were sales everywhere which I use as an excuse to splurge on more clothes and stuff. Got some really great bargains.

I’m on cloud 9!!(( (\TvT/) ))

Bought mostly shorts since I can’t fit into the ones I just got early this year. Lost a size since I’ve been eating like crap when I started working in KL now I can’t wear my favorite denim shorts (,*A*,) Took the chance to add more colors to my wardrobe and I even got one pair of floral shorts at Kenanga Wholesale City. Saw some really pretty floral denim ones in Forever21 too but decided RM80 for shorts are really expensive…


The sheerXlace blouse I got from Forever21 is probably my best buy! Been KIV-ing it for a while and finally decided to grab it when they had it on further reduction \(TvT/) Yippeee!!

Then got myself Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes pencil liner in olive. Been searching everywhere for it and finally found it at SaSa 1Utama. Dafuq with me. I always only start searching for these stuff only when they’re almost sold out.

Ring from F21, Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes Pencil Liner and Prestige Shimmering Shadow Dust

*Sigh* Gonna miss shopping around KL. Won’t get the chance to shop in KL anytime soon since I’ll be moving back to home sweet home next week! Goodness. Don’t know how many times I’ve moved this summer. Life in KL=Nomad lifestyle. But heck, yesssieee~!! Am going home…. to become my parents’ driver. fml.


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