Camwhoring today~ Trying on my new matsuge. Found an awesome way of putting on falsies using toothpick and tweezers.I finally am able to put them on but they didn’t quite turn out evenly on both eyes (,TAT,)


Makeup for the shoot:


ヾ(//v//) ノ What do you think? This is before I put on the falsies~I use my new Majolica Majorca eyeliner in Jewel Green as an eyeshadow. Turns out pretty awesome ♡ I’m also using Pretige Let Loose! Shimmering Shadow Dust in 15 Planet in the inner corner of my eyes and Loreal Open Eyes Pro darkest shade brown in the outer corner.

I wanted to snap a photo of all the stuff I’m using for the eye makeup but my memory card reader just broke down.I still need it for tomorrow’s camwhoring. FML. Consoling myself nao with the new Ray Malaysia magazine I bought yesterday. I’l have to wait till tomorrow to look for a replacement (,T~T,)

Ray Malaysia September issue


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