the ViVi coordinate

Tadaaa~~ Another coordinate!


LOL. Le me taking photos with my noob camera,(>.<,”)

This one is my choice of coordinate for ViVi star search ,(//A//,) Yessie~ that’s what’s been keeping me busy last week. Randomly decided to join when I decided I wanted to make a dress about a month ago. I only started planning after I completed my part time job in KL so everything is so last minute. Initially, I wanted to make my own dress to match with the layered lace outer but the fabric I got online didn’t turn out as I picture it so I scraped the idea even though I’ve got my prototype done :S

Didn’t have a choice and decided to dig into whatever’s available in my tiny wardrobe and came up with two coordinates. Here’s the other one~


I don’t look the least photogenic in the photos I submitted (,T.T,) I’m not referring to these photos though. The real shot is a full body shot with makeup. I took it with the help of the camera timer. I got 10 seconds to hit the button and then take a few steps back and pose. Then repeat the entire process again until I get a shoot I deemed OK enough. Plus, I didn’t have a tripod so I have to place the camera on a ironing board, adjusted so it’s high enough to get a whole body shoot. fml.

Anyway, what do you think? ヾ(//v//)ノ Which coordinate you like better?


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