Pre-loved Sale Item #01


I’m back with another post. It’s 2 months before the new year(nope, I do not believe the world’s gonna end) and I want to make some space in my wardrobe for some new clothes, thus this spree~ I’ve got a wool/cotton blazer, a couple of accessories and even some nail polishes I wanna put up for sale but haven’t got the time to take photos of them yet.

Anyway, starting off with this dress which I fell in love with from Isetan~!

I don’t remember why I never thought of wearing this out but the me now likes dresses which length doesn’t go past my knee… Just for your references, if you decide to buy this, yours truly stands at between 4feet9-4feet10 tall(preferably closer to the latter). Could have altered it but I think it’s such a waste since there’re some embroidery at the bottom.

Dress with matching picnic hobo bag from Isetan

*belt not included

*selling together with a matching hobo handbag

This dress comes with a matching hobo~

Free Size

Approx. 86cm in length

Selling for RM60(Bought at RM90)

Free Shipping to M’sia/S’pore

If interested in purchasing, email me at

More pre-loved items coming up! v(≥v≤,)


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