Clean&Clear’s Ekspressi Kejelitaanmu

Just weeks ago I took part in the Clean & Clear’s “Ekspressi Kejelitaanmu”, Malay for “Express your Beauty” on their fb page.

The contest is held concurrently to the Mad Markets series aired starting 2 months ago. Just in case you’re wondering, Mad Markets is a TV series hosted by Malaysia’s Celebrity Blogger Hanis Zalikha(her blog here). The program features the best places to shop and pamper yourself in Asia countries.

So far they’ve aired the episodes taken in Singapore, Sabah, Sarawak, Indonesia and Bangkok, the latter episodes was my favorite. Dunno how I missed the Singapore episode (,ToT,) The last episode featuring Hong Kong was aired two weeks ago.  Was a lil’ disappointed ‘cuz there were barely 10 episodes but I heard there will be a Season 2 of Mad Markets featuring places in Japan and Korea via Hanis’ tweet. Looking forward to them~

Anyway, you can watch Mad Markets and other series/movies (including Dato’ Lee Chong Wei’s LIVE wedding day) aired on Malaysia TV Channels via It’s a paid service thingy but you get 30 days trial period :S

Basically this contest requires participants to upload photos of their favorite stuff on the site and weekly winners will be chosen by the organizer. The weekly winner gets RM250 worth of vouchers and RM60 worth of Clean&Clear products.

They also mentioned that the grand price winner gets a RM1000 cash prize and a chance to shop with Hanis, host for the TV series Mad Markets which has been aired since a month ago! Apparently ONE grand prize winner will be chosen among all of the weekly prize winners.

And guess what? I turned up as one of their weekly winner~!!


So happy I can dance like the Red Indians do in circle around a bonfire. Only I’m doing it in style_Gangnam style. WTF.

My winning photo were the heels I got from Kota Damansara weeks ago. Here are all the entries I’ve submitted, most stuff you would have seen it in my blog already~

And here’s something which I’ve haven’t put up in my blog before~ My favorite watch my sis got for me as my birthday prezzie a year or 2 so ago… Here, I wore it together with different bracelets! I just LOVE to stack those stuff up~!

After I posted this there were like half a dozen or more entries put up stacking bracelets/bangles with watch. Hmm… I can pass as a trendsetter *proud*


4 thoughts on “Clean&Clear’s Ekspressi Kejelitaanmu

    • Thanks( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Fat chance maybe? Got so many awesome entries.

      Hehehehehe. Le me trying to revamp my wardrobe every chance I get ♥(^ᴗ^人)

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