Rilakkuma & Kurilakkuma’s Facial Mask Review

I’ve been using facial masks religiously for the last couple of months and ran out of supplies just recently. I was checking the out online and so happen to find Rilakkuma masks!! ヽ(;▽;)ノ ZOMG so happy I quickly ordered some to try♥

parcel arrived early this week~

Cuteness overload.

Couldn’t get my eyes off the packaging ‘cuz everything’s so cute wth.


how cute can this get?

It’s a made-in-Taiwan product so it’s written in Chinese but I manage to find translations for them. Read on for more info~

リラックマたちかわいい\( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

The masks I got:

Rilakkuma & Kurilakkuma’s Masks

There’s actually Kotori’s version too but the supplier I got from didn’t have them,(T^T,) I found NattaCosme  has the entire set but they were charging slightly higher for the mask and delivery. I got mine for RM3.20 each from another supplier who were offering cheaper delivery.

Anyway, NattaCosme’s quite an awesome beauty site to check out. It’s got over 300 different masks to choose from!!! Plus it ships overseas~!

Rilakkuma Marine Collagen Hydrating Mask

zomg. it’s chewing on a piece of mochi o(//v//)o

Rilakkuma mask’s ingredients & description

[ Description ]

Contains a combination of youthful muscle density of marine resources, the use of the excellent moisturizing hyaluronic acid lock water features, make the skin water compact, dynamic elasticity smoothness.

[ Feature ]
– Moisture lock water
– Firming & Smoothing

Kurilakkuma Caviar Essence Q10 Whitening Mask

Kurilakkuma with a chicken plushie wth

Kurilakkuma mask’s ingredients & description

[ Description ]

Coenzyme Q10, with the most precious and luxurious caviar essence, giving the skin is full of gorgeous shells sexy and smoothness. Added whitening essence which can penetrate into the skin, helping in metabolic conditioning, and make your skin look bright and translucent.
[ Feature ]
– Whitening Activation
– Conditioning metabolism

~ ♥ ~

I usually put on mask once a week only but these week decided to mask twice. Think my skin’s feeling really stressed up and tired this couple of days… Happily tried them on two different occasions~

partially decapitated. wtf

content: sheet mask soaked in 30ml essence

The masks are really thin_only 0.2mm thickness. While it isn’t as thin as Bliv’s silk mask, they fit really well. Also, I realize the masks are wider at the sides thus better coverage at the side of my face and has quite a snug fit.

Rilakkuma’s mask

I tried the Rilakkuma’s firming+hydrating mask first and found the essence had quite a peculiar fragrant. How should I put it…? It kinda reminds you of the ocean. Or algae-infested lake. LOL. It was really mild sort so I didn’t really mind. I left it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes or so and it felt really refreshing on the skin.

Kurilakkuma’s mask on the other hand has a sweeter, mild floral-y fragrant. It’s a very common scent which reminded me of Bliv sheet masks.

another sad case of decapitated kuma-chan… (ToT)

Whilst I like how my skin feels after using both masks, I didn’t feel there’s much of a difference after using the Kurilakkuma’s Caviar Essence Q10 Whitening mask(damn it, what’s with the long name??). I think you don’t usually get instant whitening effect just by trying a single sheet of mask:S  The Rilakkuma’s Marine Collagen Hydrating mask did make some difference_my skin felt slightly more firm the following morning.

Repurchase? Rilakkuma masks, probably. Kurilakkuma’s mask maybe not.  I’m so-0 getting Kotori’s Glacial Clay Vitamin B5 Deep Cleansing from NattaCosme to try it out!! These days I’m very interested in masks that concentrates in deep cleansing, pore tightening, firming and skin repair. Dunno what’s got into me but I’m suddenly interested in getting snail masks after reading it from XiaXue’s blog post. Now who’s crazy over facial masks like I do?


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