i have a(nother) confession

… I love black outfits! I actually like black and white_and pink and blue and pastels_but I LOVE black color more LOL

I’ve been stopping myself from getting black outfits, but couldn’t resist not when it is the in color for this season and all J-mags are featuring コーディ with black items!! Also, thanks to this ”白リナ vs. 黒リナ”  feature on ViVi Jan ’13 issue, I’ve given up on my I-will-not-buy-more-black-colored-clothing oath I took last year.

Totally fail|||(,≥A≤,”)||

Now I’m thinking of getting some black heels, handbag, shirt and black everything else~! Gahh!

Anyway, here’s the feature ‘White Lena vs. Black Lena’ I was talking about:


白りな〜 かわいいすぎ!!

Feel like getting a white casual loose shirt after seeing how Lena looked so nice in this one. Definitely pairing it with a pair of black ankle boots (with heels) if I can find them!


黒リナ〜 これはかっこいいのルック!

Really LOVE Lena in this shoot ♥ The coordinate and makeup combination for each look is so pretty! Don’t you agree?

And I also like the makeup tips on these page: beige lippie to match with the black outfit and shocking pink gloss to match with the white shirt! Now you know why I’m including Canmake lip gloss in #05 Pink Holic Syrup is one of the item in my 2013 Beauty Blogging Wishlist(blogging about this later!). Also, beige and shocking pink is also one of the in color this winter v(^v^,)

Here’s another feature of the shocking pink gloss from Canmake in the makeup tutorial column also from ViVi January 2013. Super like!! (\๑>◡<๑/)♡

it's all about shocking pink lippie this season!!

love Arisa’s メイク and shocking pink sweater with pearl collar on this page!


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