CNY Day 3: Penang Snake Temple

Last CNY post before I get to review. Took me a while to write this… And okie, you might have noticed I actually skipped CNY Day 2 lol. Not much photos from that day since all I do is visit relatives and collect ang pows a.k.a. red packets.

See all my red packets I collected this CNY~~ ٩(⌒∇⌒)۶


On day 3, my family and I went to the Snake Temple to pray. After all it’s the year of the snake mah #chineselogic

snake temple penang


Snakes around the temple compound~


Not sure they’re real or fake. Didn’t see them move an inch.



And there’s a really huge python in the snake farm right beside the temple too. They said that if you stroke a yellow python from head to tail, you’ll have good luck all year round…

…And I wanted good luck all year round HAHAHAHA


Me stroking it. It’s feels weird and I was afraid it might just decided to strike at me. So scared I couldn’t feel my hand (T___T)

Not sure if I ever want to do this again LOL

Some other snakes in the enclosures~ There were lots more but I’m too lazy to upload them (≥x≤)




That’s all for now~ Chao!


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