studying Japanese

This year I’ve decided to take Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT) so I’ve been busy cramming up grammar, verbs/nouns/adjective/kanji and everything else.

My Japanese has always been so-so only but I want to improve it that’s why I’m planning to take 2 papers this year. My new year resolution is that by the end of the year I can write and converse fluently.

2013-03-25 13.13.17

↑my practice notebook and grammar notes. I’m not using the 2 books for this exam actually. They’re just for show here XP

Currently, I’m relying on GuidetoLearningJapanese for grammar(it’s my Japanese grammar bible!), Bonjinsha Basic Kanji Book, as dictionary and Nihongo Ichiban for sample past years JLPT.

I have yet to buy any textbooks(Minna no Nihongo/Kaizen Master) or practice books yet. But then, I haven’t decided which paper_N5 or N4 I should take. Registration is now open till early next month so I really have to decide quickly.

The exam is in early July so I still got 3 more months before the exam. I guess I got plenty of time to study for N4_if I didn’t procrastinate hahaha.

Alrighty~! Enough rants, got to get back to studying since I’m in the mood to do so LOL.


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